Utilizing My Full Potential with True Core William Hodges Success Story

We’ve all been there. I’m sure you have struggled with motivation at some point in your life—that feeling when you just don’t have the energy or desire to do anything. Maybe you’re trying to lose weight and feel like you can’t stick to a diet, or perhaps you’re trying to get into a new hobby but keep finding every excuse not to start. It’s frustrating and overwhelming, and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to make yourself work. 

William Hodges also felt the same thing before joining True Core. The ability to get up and go to the gym was undoubtedly the most challenging obstacle he had to overcome. Also, the lack of a coach significantly impacts his motivation and accountability because William attached his motivation to his gym friend. When his friend isn’t going, he also excuses not to go. William usually does not lift as much when he goes to the gym with friends because he has a bad shoulder, but his struggles were resolved when he joined True Core.  True Core has been coaching him through, and he hadn’t made the same mistakes he used to make before where he knew he wouldn’t be able to lift as much but still tried and ended up hurting himself and hindering his growth process. Having a coach helped William in making sure that his form was correct. The progressive overload he’s doing is not over his capabilities, which definitely helped in the long run. So instead of hurting himself, he had a natural process of getting stronger in areas he lacked before. Being part of True Core helped change William’s life. He eats more regularly and is healthier. He is more focused on his work and gym, more attentive and confident. William also learned to utilize his full potential, making him more productive and a sense of accomplishment.

“If you’ve been in a situation where you think you can’t do something, or you’re hesitant, here in True Core, the coaches have a way of sensing the hesitance, and they will push you farther than you thought you could go. Also, there’s a sense of kinship or brotherhood here compared to other gyms, and true Core has a positive environment with like-minded people” – William Hodges.

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