Is CrossFit Safe for Teens?

Wyatt has been a member of our True Core Community since the very first year we open in 2015! Starting in our TC Kids program at age 7, Wyatt has continued to grow and take on new challenges. He is now a dedicated member of our Teen program using it to help improve his sports outside of True Core. Read about Wyatt’s amazing journey below!

“Wyatt began Crossfit Kids at age 7 with big dreams of someday becoming an American Ninja Warrior! He immediately took to the sport and wanted to never miss a single session. We immediately noticed Wyatt’s confidence soar; this was first sport he tried that he truly loved!

Over the years, Wyatt picked up running as another favorite sport. He is now 13 and the star of his middle school Cross Country Team. He replaced his childhood dream of becoming a Ninja Warrior with aspirations of running Cross Country in high school and then college! True Core Teens keeps Wyatt in shape year round and builds his strength and endurance for running season.

Wyatt has consistently committed himself to True Core’s program throughout the years. Five years later, Wyatt is now part of the Teens Program and loves it as much today as the moment he began the program. We are very grateful to the True Core staff and coaches for their expertise and guidance over the years. We would encourage anyone considering the program to give it a try! ”

– Marisa C (Wyatt’s Mom 🙂 )

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