Do you ever get that feeling, when everything feels like it’s crashing down on you? Maybe things are moving too quickly for you to keep up, or maybe your life isn’t what you expected. There are days when the weight of life becomes too much for you, and you find yourself in your bedroom, crying for hours on end or feeling nothing at all.

Alexis had had a difficult year prior to joining True Core. She got divorced, lost her job, and despite the fact that she had always exercised and been active, she was just ordering takeout and drinking a lot. She felt sluggish and fat, and just didn’t feel like herself anymore, to the point where she was depressed and had very little energy or desire to do anything. She has always been athletic, a runner, and a team sports player, and she finds it frustrating when she gets bored with the gym and doesn’t have a plan for how to progress her training.

Her experience at True Core changed her perspective on life. Alexis was well aware that working out is a constant challenge for many people, not just her. You will never truly master the sport, but it is designed to keep you moving up and onto the next challenge. She has completely dedicated herself to it, to the point where she has begun to schedule time on her work calendar to ensure she attends class 5 days a week, with a little extra time to work on some of the moves she struggles with the most.

As Alexis began her fitness journey with True Core, she lost a lot of weight while gaining a lot of muscle, particularly in her arms. She can now do a scaled version of all the moves and has made progress on some of the more difficult gymnastic moves, such as handstand walks and pushups. Most importantly, she is more confident and fits into her clothes better. Alexis’ life has been completely transformed by Crossfit. As she grows more content and confident in herself, she transforms into a different and better person on the inside and out. She has a lot of energy at work, and she enjoys group classes and seeing all of her friends. She considers True Core to be her home.

Getting back on track isn’t easy but with determination and perseverance, anyone can do it – including you!

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