The CrossFit Open Is Coming!

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Good morning TC crew!
Just wanted to remind you guys that the CrossFit Open is coming! In six weeks we will start another worldwide competition to see just how your fitness has progressed. CrossFit headquarters has changed the Open to run for five weeks starting October 10th.  As a gym we will be running our intramural teams once again, which was so much fun and a success last winter. They will be on Saturday mornings and we are looking forward to seeing all the amazing progress you guys have made.
A quick note on the programming leading up to the Open. Usually at this time of year we have you guys retest all your strength numbers. September is a great time to do this, with the start the fall , school back in session,  and members getting back into a routine. However with Open being six weeks away, programming is going to be a little different this fall. Our goal is to help you get as prepared for the Open as possible. This means we will wait to run the new strength cycle until after the open is complete.  One rep maxes will be tested later on this winter. We want to make sure that you were as well prepared for the Open and that your engines are primed to kick butt the whole time.
So if you were wondering when that back squat one rep max is coming, you can take a breath and relax for the next couple months. Once the Open is complete we will once again re-focus on strength and setting the baseline for all the major lifts.  At that point you will see strength programming more often and Olympic lifting take a bit of a back seat. But for now we want to make sure that we prepare you not only for life, but for the Crossfit Open.
We look forward to the spark in our community, the progress in your fitness,  and the camaraderie built through the Open.  What a wonderful display of how awesome our True Core family is. Thank you all for letting us be on this health and fitness journey with you. It is one of the biggest honors and pleasures of our lives. Now let’s go attack this Monday and this week keeping in mind that progresses one day at a time!
See you in the gym!

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