Jason Williams

Years at True Core: 3

"I needed to change my lifestyle"

Jason Williams

I started at True Core in April of 2016. I went after hearing my parents talk about their new gym. After tired of looking the way I did from years of inactivity, I needed a physical and mental change. I played sports my whole life, and knew that at 33 I needed to change my lifestyle, or I would have a future of health issues.

It started with my mindset. I had to become determined and consistent. No more excuses! Just do it! Athletics had always provided a coach who was on my diet and weight lifting program, but that was years ago, and I didn’t have the intrinsic motivation to do so otherwise. So in April, I said “I’m going to get up before work. Go to the gym for 6 am. Then go straight in. Start my day right.”

A year and a half later, I’ve gone from a size 40 pants to a size 34, and 218 pounds to 205 pounds. Going to the gym three times a week, and five in the summer (year one) consistently. Even when I’m out of town, I find an affiliate gym to go to. For 60 days this summer, I ate lean meats and vegetables, with fruit in the mornings and a serving of cashews or walnuts. No carbs, no dairy, no grains or processed foods. No cheat days, but a cheat meal on Saturday. I did intermittent fasting from 12 to 8. Doing all of this with fidelity led to me “shrinking” and I saw the results I wanted.

The CrossFit community has been and is welcoming regardless where I go, but especially at True Core.

All this to say thank you to True Core, Shannon, and definitely Coach Garrett who has been there since day one.

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