Brittney Recker

Years at True Core: 5

"Nothing compares to True Core CrossFit"

Brittney Recker

Where do I begin, I started CrossFit almost 5 years ago for my job and haven’t looked back. I can still remember one of my first WOD’s was Fight Gone Bad. I absolutely hated everything about it, but I decided to go back and give the next WOD a try. After I figured out what I was doing and that I had some potential at being decent I loved everything about CrossFit.

I have the luxury of traveling all over the world and get to drop in at several different boxes. Nothing compares to True Core CrossFit (TC2) When I walk in the doors here it feels just like home. I can’t even describe how amazing the people and community are at TC2. They’re my second family!

Last but most certainly not least, the coaches at True Core CrossFit. You ladies and gents are the best! I have learned so much from each and everyone of you! Shannon I can’t say enough about how amazing you are. You motivate me everyday at the gym to be my best self as an athlete!

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