Overcoming Plateaus with True Core: Niemah Chapman

You’ve been steadily working out and eating right for weeks or even months, and then all of a sudden, nothing. Your weight stays the same, your strength numbers aren’t increasing, you don’t seem to be making any progress. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau – A fitness plateau is when your progress stalls or even  stops, even though you keep putting the time and effort in. This can be very discouraging, especially when you keep working so hard and not seeing the results you expect. 

Before joining True Core, Niemah Chapman had hit a challenging plateau herself. She was already mindful of what she ate. She “googled” a few different at-home workout programs. She had even started a daily squat routine.  However, she still felt stuck, and was not getting any real results. 

Niemah looked into joining us here at True Core hoping to get some guidance on weightlifting with the belief it would burn more fat, and therefore break through her plateau. True Core’s community and coaches have not only helped Niemah simplify things but also identify EXACTLY what she personally needs to do to achieve her specific goals. Niemah realized that when you don’t have a diet, when you don’t have a plan and don’t know how things fit together correctly or what the routine will be, it can be hard to sustain your fitness goals. 

Having that personalized plan has already helped Niemah in various ways. As a mom and a full time employee, knowing the exact next steps she needs to take each day, has eliminated that dreaded decision fatigue. She also loves having that accountability with True Core since. It has prevented Niemah from falling off like so many times before. Having a community that cares about her fitness goals and making sure she’s following through with them has been huge! Between the PT sessions, the mindset coaching, zoom calls weekly with nutrition help, Niemah has been able to not only stay motivated but also successful each week! 

Being a part of True Core had a significant impact on Niemah by helping her be more disciplined even outside of the gym. She has become physically stronger, pays more attention to what she eats, gained more confidence, and learned to set time aside for herself. Having her alone time and just being able to breathe helps her mentally. 

It can be frustrating when you’re doing everything “right” and don’t seem to be making any progress. Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey or you’ve hit a plateau and don’t know how to get past it, working with a coach can help. A good coach understands the science of getting fit and will be able to help you set realistic goals, create a plan that works for you, and keep you accountable. Also, remember to focus on consistency over intensity. Building healthy habits takes time and patience, so don’t beat yourself up. 
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