Our at Home Mobility Routine

The True Core coaches are always talking about how important mobility is for both enhancing your movement potential in workouts and proper muscle recovery after workouts. We include stretching in the warm-up sections of class as well as during the cool-down after the workouts. This is a great start but for athletes who want to get more mobility work in to increase flexibility and speed up recovery, we have an at-home mobility routine that is simple and effective! Here is a mobility routine that can be completed at home or in the gym along with video links to help demonstrate the stretches.  

2:00 Spiderman Lunge each side
Spiderman Lunge – YouTube

2:00 Pigeon Pose each side 
CTM – Pigeon Pose – YouTube

2:00 Couch Stretch each side 
Couch Stretch – YouTube

2:00 Pike Stretch
CTM – Pike Stretch – YouTube

2:00 Straddle Stretch
CTM – Straddle Stretch – YouTube

2:00 Butterfly Stretch
CTM – Butterfly Stretch – YouTube

2:00 Frog Pose
How to do Frog Pose | Mandukasana Tutorial with Dylan Werner – YouTube

1:00 Squat Hold
Bottom of Squat Hold – YouTube

1:00 Puppy Pose
CTM – Puppy Dog – YouTube

1:00 PVC Pass Throughs
PVC Pass-through – YouTube

1:00 Wrist Stretches
CTM – Wrist Stretch – YouTube

Just working through these movements a few times a week will greatly add not only in your performance & recovery, but also in the longevity of active lifestyle! 

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