How Do We Eat Out Without The Stress?

Why does eating out get such a bad rep?

First, when people think eating out they typically think of fast food… so right off the bat eating out is linked to “unhealthy” thoughts. But what if you go to a nicer sit-down restaurant? Then your thoughts might go towards having a drink or two and maybe some dessert. So far fast food, multiple alcoholic drinks, and desserts are all things people link to unhealthy eating and weight gain. Next would be that feeling of being stuffed or bloated because you ate way more than usual due to ridiculous portion sizes and the convenience of food being brought out to you. The last big issue that comes with eating out would be the social aspect. You may experience FOMO when you tell your friends no because you’re “dieting” or trying to focus on healthier eating or even worse if you do go your friends or family might encourage you to have another drink, order that dessert, or even worse tease you for not having those things.

How to avoid these issues?

First and foremost, cooking your own simple meals full of nutritious whole foods is most likely your best bet due to the fact that you can truly control everything that goes into your body. But that’s not always an option. Next, understanding that there’s typically something off of every menu that you can order. That might look something like a grilled chicken sandwich, steak with veggies, salad with light dressing, etc. The other factor to consider is portion sizes. You may order a steak with a side of veggies and it turns out that the plate is 2x as much food as your body actually needs. On average restaurants serving sizes have increased anywhere from 20-50% in the last 20 years. How would you combat this issue? Eating slowly and mindfully is your best bet. Listening to when you’re satisfied before you are stuffed and understanding you do not need to clean your plate or that you can take the rest home for another meal. And the last issue… your company. Trying to help your company understand your goals and the reasons behind your choices can help them to better support you and the choices you make. But ultimately you have to understand that your goals are worth the sacrifices you are making and not everyone will see eye to eye with you. That’s okay, you will appreciate the work you put in when you reach your goals and never look back.

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