Our Story

How We Got Started

True Core started as a dream. Ever since I was 7 yrs old I knew I wanted to own a fitness studio.  However, at that time it was Tae Kwown Do studio, ha!

From being physically active at a young age, to playing varsity sports in college, it became clear fitness was part of my core identity. As I grew, my spark for knowledge increased. Through undergrad, grad school, and countless certifications, health and wellness became not only a core value but a way of life.

The first time I walked in CrossFit gym I saw all kind of new equipment & movements I had never experienced. It only took one introductory class before is completely hooked. I knew I found not only form of exercise but, a stress outlet and most importantly a community.

I found myself desperately wanting to help others have the same life changing experience I had.  I wanted to earn their trust & help guide them to living their best life. That was the birth place for True Core.

Through the last 5 years that’s exactly what True Core has been for our members. It has been a second home when their home felt shaky. It has been a gym when they really needed to throw some weights around. It’s been a group of friends when they felt their loneliest. It is been their happy place.

No matter your age, background, or experience level we want True Core to be your happy place.  It was built with the intent of welcoming our members for exactly who they are.  Being an Annapolis type of “Cheers” where everyone knows your name.

It’s not just getting stronger or faster, it’s learning what your body can actually do and what your mind is capable of. Overcoming fears, achieving goals, building relationships.

I hope True Core does just a little that for you. It is our honor to be on this journey with you.

Coach Shannon