How To Stay Fit Amidst the Pandemic?

It’s been a year and still counting since the COVID struck the whole world and made everything stop. During the first months, we encountered lots of problems in life — work disruption, economic instability, family routine, cabin fever, social life, and other things that made an enormous impact on our mental and overall health.

Living with these problems was never easy for anyone. But hey, say, we have surpassed all these things. We’ve been fighting from the very beginning. And were gradually getting back from what we had before COVID came.

One of the things we learned from this experience is never forsaking your own body. Health is the most important thing for without it, how can we continue living?

Let’s say, an athlete, being in a program or in a gym that treats you like a friend and a family can make things joyful, exciting, and amazing. Isn’t it wonderful to get back in shape with great people around you? The coaches, the programs, and everything, which Andrew Fuller found in True Core, a CrossFit gym, made his day-to-day life a wonderful experience.

You may not be an athlete. You may not be someone who does CrossFit. But remember that no man is an island. We learn from the people around us. And we care for ourselves when we have people to care for.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who does CrossFit, or just someone who randomly clicked on this blog, remember to never forsake your own body. For as the proverb says: “Health is wealth”.

“ We’re all really one big team and it’s wonderful being here. It’s created a lot of structure in my day-to-day, it’s been absolutely wonderful. Getting back in here, getting in shape, having fun, making friends, it’s really been an amazing experience. ” – Andrew Fuller

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