What are some Effective Warmup Routine for Open Gym/At Home Workouts?

Warmups are an extremely important piece of a workout routine that helps athletes achieve the best possible results in a workout and help to reduce the risk of injury. While the warm-up is an integral part of every group class it can be easily overlooked when athletes are training alone. Athletes should always take the time to warm up, but some may not know where to begin. An effective warmup for a workout routine should elevate the body temperature, mobilize the body for the required range of motions, and prepare the body for specific elements present in the workout. With all of this considered it can be difficult to properly warm-up for an independent workout without formal coaching. Here are some suggestions to use next time you find yourself in the gym or at home preparing to complete a workout.

Step 1 is to elevate the body temperature. This can be quickly achieved with a 400m Run, 3:00 on any machine, 2:00 of jump rope, or a few quick sets of a low-impact bodyweight exercise like jumping jacks or step-ups.

Step 2 is to mobilize so that you may achieve the proper range of motion during exercises in the workout. Every athlete has different mobility needs and restrictions and there is no perfect routine for any athlete. This general routine of movements proves to be effective for most and should allow athletes to properly mobilize in a time-efficient manner. Rotate through 3 rounds of 10 spiderman lunges 5 each side, 5 Inchworms, 5 Pushup to Down Dogs, 5 Squat and Reach, 10 PVC Pass Throughs (Links to movements below). These 3 rounds of 5 exercises should take less than 10 minutes and effectively mobilize the ankles, hips, and shoulders.

Step 3 is to prepare for the specific movements you will complete in the workout. A simple way to do this would be to complete 1 round of the workout with lighter loads and less reps/distance then complete 1 round with the loads/reps that you plan on using during the workout.

With all 3 steps considered this general warm-up should take no longer than 15 minutes and properly prepare athletes to complete any workout, they plan on tackling. Take a few extra minutes to warm up before your next open gym or garage workout and get the most out of your training!

Spiderman Lunges


Pushup to Down Dog

Squat and Reach

PVC Pass Through

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