Before we get into the juicy part of this blog, let’s kick it off with a reflection of the word it is built around, ‘intention’. The verb intends can be defined as ‘have (a course of action) as one’s purpose or objective; plan.’ So I hear you ask, why am I so concerned with your intentions in the gym? Well, without an intention your 1 hour at True Core is mindless activity.

So let’s first start with a thought (or two). Would having intentions create a better opportunity for you to achieve your goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Do you ever go to the store without a thought on what you may need and come out with something you don’t? 

So let’s see how we can generate our intentions when coming to train. 

Today I want to:

  • Pay attention to my self-talk

Implementation: Focus on positive self-talk. Encourage yourself when fatigued. 

  • Connect with my body, not my ego

 Implementation: I will listen to my body to ensure I train to its level of capacity. If I am stressed/feeling tired and overwhelmed I will listen and not ignore

  • Test my capacity

 Implementation: Today I feel great and am going to push my limits and target a rock star performance

  • Expand my capacity

Implementation: I will modify the workout and movements in accordance to my goals and the skills I am trying to better perform 

  • Challenge myself in someway

Implementation: I can do RX weight and finish the WOD within the time frame but it means I may be last on the floor. That is ok because my intention is for me to get better

  • Practice a new skill

Implementation: I am nearly at two strict chest-to-bar pull-ups. Once I hit 3 I can start to practice my kipping

  • Socialize and have fun

Implementation: There is a partner workout today and I am going to work out with someone I am yet to partner with before

So there you have it. Nothing crazy complicated but something we can all use to be much further effective in our time at the gym.

I hope you enjoyed the read,

Joanna King

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