Destress Your Day – How CrossFit Affects Your Mental Health

The reality is that most people are either someone with or directly know someone who has mental health issues. To put this in perspective, that number is 1 in 4. This can range from people with mild anxiety and depression to schizophrenia, severe depression, and bipolar disorder. Now, take away mental health, and let’s look at the daily stressors that any individual may face. Health, finances, marital, friendship, work, and education just to name a few. These factors come into play on a daily basis and are to some extent aspects of our world that we are unable to control.

In recent studies, it has been proven that the use of physical exercise can be used to decrease the risk of mental health issues including depression and anxiety, and increase self-worth. So what is it about Crossfit that helps? 

Mental Toughness – How many times have you looked at the workout and thought how on earth am I going to do this? Fast forward to an hour later and you not only smashed the workout but you are also smiling. Crossfit gives you a “don’t give up community” that supports you and has coaches that can guide you to appropriately and effectively complete the workouts and support you through your goals. 

Stress Relief – After a long day, what better way to release your stress than going to True Core, seeing people who make you smile, and throwing down during the workout. Through working out, you are able to be away from technology and release stress. Now let’s put that in perspective, you can for one hour detach yourself from stresses, whilst working out, which is great for your physical and mental health #winwin.

Better Sleep – When you’re not in a good mental or physical state, it can be hard to sleep. This sets us up a vicious cycle, causing you to potentially rely on caffeine in the morning and alcohol at night. However, with Crossfit and physical exercise, your body and mind might be more tired. Through such exertion, you are on a better path to a good night’s sleep. 

Endorphins – Endorphins aid in regulating our metabolism, they help us deal with pain, and they get us in a better mood. Guess what…exercising releases a rush of these natural chemicals. So even if you’re a little sore, you’re bound to have a smile on your face (well maybe once the wod is done)!

Crossfit gives us an all-around awesome physical and mental experience that assists us in our daily roles. However, you feel on a day one thing that can be guaranteed is that a visit and workout at True Core will for sure make it better!

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