What does Deliver What You Promise Mean for True Core?

True Core has recently written a vivid vision to define our next steps to improve our service and with the vivid vision came a new set of values for our team to follow.

One of our new values is defined as “deliver what you promise”. This value is essential in our team’s vivid vision as it dictates the expectation that we will always strive to execute all the services we promote. This value also is critical for defining individual commitment to accomplishing goals and tasks on a personal and professional level.

As a business, True Core will be using this value to set a standard for the services we provide. Moving forward we will focus specifically on how we can make the services we provide like personal training and group classes to be everything and more than our community expects from us. From following safety protocols to providing detailed and comprehendible coaching to hosting fun community events our team is dedicated to deliver a product that meets all expectations from our community. From an individual perspective, our team members are focused on executing on both a professional and personal level to follow this new value.

There are many reasons why this value is so important for our team and community. Relationships are a huge part of our community and all these relationships which can be classmates, coworkers, or friends are held together by trust. To establish and maintain trust in any relationship it is critical that both parties deliver on what they promise so there is a pattern of setting and following expectations. For example, if you and a classmate make an agreement to take a 6 am class on Friday and then you both show up there is now a sense of trust because you have both followed the expectation. On the other hand, if one person does not show up on Friday at 6 am there is a question of trust in this relationship and making future arrangements may not be possible when this sense of trust has been lost.

On an individual professional level, our team members are determined to commit and execute all roles they agreed to. This can be demonstrated in ways such as adjusting a daily schedule to arrange for personal training appointments or sacrificing that last episode of a late-night show so that there is enough time for sleep and an energy-filled morning of coaching classes.

This value is essential for the success of our business and our community. At True Core we want to be stronger together and to do this we will always Deliver What We Promise.

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