A Success Story with True Core: Matt Canter

Matt Canter was struggling with his health and fitness before joining True Core. He tried a lot of training programs, but nothing had made lasting change. He could not get back into a routine like he once had as a triathlete. Matt wants to get his weight down, so there will be less pressure on his back and he can get back to running at that point, which is an important goal. 

Matt has stated that he loves the Transformation program. Having someone looking after his habits and holding him accountable has made a tremendous difference. Having a coach/personal trainer, who tells him precisely what to do, what he is doing right, how to improve, and also motivates him, has made a significant impact on his health and fitness.

Matt has seen a huge difference and improvement in his eating habits also. He has been more focused on his diet, knowing that there is someone who is watching his daily food intake. Matt was sure that he was eating properly before starting the program, but his portions were definitely bigger than they should be. 

Matt’s experience with True Core has made his mood better, he feels happier, more focused, and more energetic. His wife, who serves as his motivator in life, is pleased about the changes in him, as well.

His advice to people who are possibly afraid to try is “Come on into  True Core, believe that you can make a change, and you will actually do so much more than you thought possible. You just gotta push yourself to get better!”

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