A Life-changing Journey with True Core: Sara Gibb

Before joining True Core, Sara Gibb struggled with her health and fitness. She’s not much of a scale person, but she could see it in the mirror and felt it when she put her clothes on. For her, she recognizes that that, in part, goes along with being a nearly 49-year-old woman. Different changes will come with hormones. Trying to take stock of the things that she can control and the things that would be out of her control. 

After seeing the 63-day advertisement on Facebook, Sara realized that she could do something! Sara decided to join the True Core Transformation program. She has built an excellent connection with Coach Aline, as Coach Aline holds her accountable. By working through the program, Sara learned to monitor her calorie intake per day and be more mindful of the quality of food she eats. Sara has also helped her children to be aware of the importance of their nutrition, as they grow. 

Sara loves how the nutrition tracker works. It fits into her lifestyle. She has multiple jobs, and she realized that people always have goals, but it is not always just the body that needs to be involved; it should be holistic, the mind and spirit as well. When she needed help with nutrition and mindset guidance, Coach Aline was always there to walk her through each step. 

Sara’s more positive mindset has significantly impacted different aspects of her life. She learned how to better commit to the goals that she made. She feels good whenever she does her workouts. She lost weight and has enjoyed learning and implementing the new tools True Core provided.

Her advice to others who are possibly afraid and intimidated to try is “Come into True Core, there’s room for all types of people, and their programs, can and will, sustain your needs!”
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