4 points that will help to keep a spring in your step

As the Christmas spirit starts to slow down, and the thrill of the new year lulls it is not surprising that January blues may kick in. For some, the Christmas bills come in from all those generous gifts that were given back when the holiday spirit had you feeling rich. The resolutions you made on December 31 are maybe broken. And it’s cold, dark, and dreary.
Well guess what, we see it and we will take action to keep our head high and march through what at times is called the most depressing month of the year, or as I will call it the gloomy month. 

Below I have written 4 points that will help to keep a spring in your step.

1. Stop doing one thing I don’t enjoy. Sure this sounds easy, but have you ever tried it? During our time we tend to insist that we have to continue to do something that either we don’t find enjoyable or it simply isn’t benefiting us. Now, the good news is it can be something small like stopping that Hallmark subscription that you got for the Christmas movies to save that $9.99, or no longer attending the weekend book club that you have been a member of for years to free up your Saturday morning. Whatever it is, find the confidence to change it so that you yourself are feeling happier.

2. Clean out one area of the house. In the lead up to Christmas we gather decorations, gifts, wrapping paper, cards etc. Let’s be honest, the list can go on and on. However, as we wrap up for Christmas it is a great time to clean up or clean out decorations that you are no longer using. Maybe the time has come to take the books you read in 2021 to Goodwill and clear that space for new books. By clearing space we make room for new opportunities. It is amazing what ‘clutter’ can do to the vibe of your home. Take the time to clear it out and breathe in the free space.

3. Try something new. As we step away from the holiday season we start to find spare time. Within this we are able to do something new. The ‘something new’ doesn’t have to be anything crazy like a new car. Maybe it is hiking, or reading the newspaper on a Sunday with your coffee. 
The moral of the story is that when we try something new, our brain creates neural passages and increases the brain’s plasticity. Even picking up something with your left hand (if you’re right-handed) can make the old noggin work a little bit. For me, last year I tried brushing my teeth with my left hand. Nothing crazy, it was just something new. 

4. Make a list of lessons learned. I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions — because to be honest I always break them, which makes me feel more pathetic than before I made them. But I do like to review and remember a few things that I learned in the past year. This year, more than any other lesson, I learned that I know my body and mindset. I know now what I need each day to be most productive. I have identified when it is best for me to go to bed and get up and how my body reacts to cheese when I get greedy. These simple yet extremely important items pave the way to a successful day, week, month and year. 

Happy January True Core Crew, have a great 2022!

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